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Stand with the people of Buenaventura

Over the last week, hundreds of thousands of people from Buenaventura in Colombia have engaged in a momentous strike over living conditions, access to basic services and violence in the city. The situation for most people in this predominantly Afro-Colombian city is atrocious: 72% live in poverty, the vast majority are either unemployed or have insecure incomes. People live with the silent fear created by years of militarisation, armed conflict and paramilitary violence.

Meanwhile, almost 75% of Colombia’s exports and imports pass through the Port of Buenaventura, making it the country’s most important and prosperous.

The community's peaceful actions have been met with repression from state forces leading to claims of unlawful arrests and excesses of violence.

We are calling on President Santos and the Colombian state to end all violence against protestors, and to respond to the protestors’ demands to respect their basic human rights.

Please take action and stand with the people of Buenaventura, today!

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