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Free Palestinian political prisoners!

Every year, hundreds of Palestinians are arrested and imprisoned without charge or trial. Israel’s practice of administrative detention allows it to imprison Palestinians indefinitely, for so-called ‘security reasons’ that Israel does not define or explain, based on ‘secret evidence’, which is not disclosed to the prisoner or their lawyer. Since 1967, when the occupation began, Israel has issued over 52,000 administrative detention orders. 

Israel’s systematic abuse of administrative detention as a form of arbitrary arrest is a gross violation of international law that has been repeatedly condemned by UN human rights experts. Despite this, Israel has increased its use of administrative detention. In December 2022, it held over 800 Palestinian administrative detainees — the highest number for over a decade. 

Administrative detention is just one element of the Israeli military court system, designed not to dispense justice but to uphold Israel’s military occupation. Israel uses its illegitimate military courts to enforce repressive laws imposed on the Palestinian population to suppress dissent, quash resistance to occupation, and deepen Israel’s military rule.  

Will you take action to end this injustice? Email the Foreign Secretary to pressure the UK to take action: to demand that Israel end its illegal practice of administrative detention, release all those currently held under administrative detention and all other prisoners held in violation of international law; and impose a two-way arms embargo with Israel. 

Email UK Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly

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