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Whoever is elected on 8 June, we want human rights, internationalism, justice and solidarity, to be at the heart of shaping all government policy. We wrote to the leaders of the five main parties and raised concerns. We urge you to add your voice by contacting candidates in your area.

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A year on from the Brexit vote, we are at a fundamental point that will determine the kind of country we want the UK to be. Now is the time to fight for the values that are most important to us, and to tell all prospective politicians what we believe the priorities should be for any new government.

On the second part of this action you can ask your candidates their views on:

  • New trade deals and whether their policies towards trade would prioritise human rights and environmental obligations.
  • The sale of weapons to countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia where there is a risk they would be used in internal repression or in committing human rights violations.
  • Protecting the rights of migrant workers who are in the UK, and ensuring just, favourable and safe conditions for all workers.

Please let us know any responses you get from prospective candidates, and we will share any feedback we receive.

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