Corporate Courts = Climate Chaos

7 November, 11:45 - 13:15
Online event

‘Corporate courts’ (also called ISDS) are a legal mechanism in trade deals that can block climate action and exacerbate global injustice. We will hear from an activist and a government representative (tbc) in the Global South who are fighting back against corporate courts and their destructive impacts on our planet, communities and democracy. We will also hear about the growing threat that ISDS cases pose to meeting climate targets and the eye-watering sums that fossil fuel companies extract from governments across the globe over climate and environmental measures.


Arie Kurniawaty, Solidaritas Perempuan, Indonesia
Dr Kyla Tienhaara, Queens University, Canada
Jean Blaylock, Global Justice Now, UK
South African speaker tbc

Organised by War on Want, Global Justice Now, Powershift, Transnational Institute, Seattle to Brussels Network, Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development and Corporate Europe Observatory.

Part of the People's Summit for the UN climate conference, COP26, which is organised by the COP26 Coalition.

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