Join the fight to fix our broken food system.

We produce enough food to feed the world twice over — so why are 768 million people going hungry?

The industrialised global food system — covering food production to distribution to retail — makes vast profits for a handful of corporations, while driving the climate crisis, and pushing millions across the Global South into poverty. Food and land are seen as ‘commodities’ and ‘assets’ to be traded for maximum profit, rather than as human rights — meaning grain is over-produced and sits rotting in silos.

But a growing movement of peasants and workers from Kenya to Morocco are taking on the corporate agricultural giants and leading the struggle for an alternative food system, to tackle global hunger, poverty and the climate crisis. The Food Sovereignty movement is enabling communities to grow food that is appropriate for their lands, ecosystems and culture, and guarantees democratic control over how it is distributed and traded.

Food Sovereignty is a practical solution and a positive alternative to our failed food system, putting  human rights at the centre, instead of corporate profits.

Only by standing together and working towards food sovereignty will we be able to resist the corporate takeover of food systems, guarantee the right to food for all, and support millions of farmers in the Global South. Will you add your voice today, and join the fight for a global food system that guarantees the Right to Food for all?

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