Join the call for a Global Green New Deal.

We are standing at a crossroads with a clear choice: tweak the same failing global systems in the face of irreversible climate crisis, increasing poverty and global inequality – or fight for a world in which people and the planet come first.

For years we have known that our global economic system is broken. Built on centuries of injustice and exploitation of people and resources in the Global South, it protects the interests and profits of the wealthy and powerful, at the expense of the vast majority of people on this earth.

The 2021 UN Climate Summit (COP26) failed to deliver concrete action to keep global temperature rises below 1.5C, and protect the lives of people in the Global South, who are already being devastated by climate breakdown.

We are in desperate need of a new way forward.

Together with our partners and allies in the Global South, War on Want is campaigning for a Global Green New Deal, to protect both people and the planet.

The clock is ticking. We must cut emissions fairly, and move away from systems of limitless extraction and exploitation; which line the pockets of corporates and rich shareholders, whilst keeping the majority of the world’s population in poverty.

We need a Global Green New Deal that combines science and justice, and leads the way for a broad societal transformation: a just energy transition, food sovereignty, fair taxation and financial reparations, decent and valued work for all, universal public services including health, a fair global economy, the redistribution of land, an end to state and corporate impunity – and the protection of people over borders.

Add your name today to our call for a Global Green New Deal that puts people and planet first.

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