From Colombia to Palestine: defend the right to protest everywhere!

We are facing a wave of international repression against front line human rights defenders.

In Colombia, millions protesting against regressive tax reforms and state attacks on human rights defenders have been met with police violence, including reports of homicide and sexual assault.

And in Palestine, protests against upcoming forced evictions and ongoing ethnic cleansing were met with armed violence that escalated into an 11 day bombardment of the Gaza strip, and now a campaign of mass arrest and detention of Palestinians.

Hundreds of thousands of people here in the UK have been mobilising to oppose the draconian measures proposed in the government’s Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill (PCSC Bill), which poses a major threat to protest rights and to marginalised communities in the UK. Now, we are calling on the UK government to end support for human rights abuses and protect the right to protest, in Colombia, Palestine, the UK and everywhere.

Please will you add your name today to reject draconian legislation in the UK, and demand that the UK government stop the sale of arms and military technologies to repressive regimes around the world?

Last updated May 2021.

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