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Indigenous communities of the Salinas Grandes protest against lithium mining  on their territory.
Photo: Felix Malte Dorn

Take action for a just energy transition for all!

It’s undeniable that we are at the start of an important shift towards renewable energy - the world’s major economies are promising to kick-start the post-pandemic recovery with a so-called ‘Green Industrial Revolution’.

Our brand new report, ‘A Material Transition’, exposes that the vision Global North governments are proposing relies on an unprecedented wave of extraction for ‘transition’ minerals – the raw materials needed to produce renewable energy technology. This process would devastate communities, mostly in the Global South, and cause untold environmental destruction. And it still would not solve the climate crisis.  

Today, the UK’s President for COP26, Alok Sharma will co-host a crucial meeting - the International Energy Agency’s COP26 Net Zero Summit, promising to mobilise huge investments in ‘clean energy’ and ensure a transition centred on the needs of people. Despite its historic responsibility in generating the climate crisis, the UK government is presenting itself as a climate leader ahead of the climate negotiations taking place in November.

We need to push the UK government to do its fair share and stand with communities in the Global South. Together, we can hold the government to account and ensure bold action when it’s most needed, but with the meeting being held today, we need your help to ramp up the pressure right now. 

Take action today by emailing Alok Sharma to demand that he delivers on his promises by ensuring just global supply chains for the production of renewable energy, and practical steps to deal with unsustainable resource use. 

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