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Garment workers in Bangladesh take action to #MakeAmazonPay for orders cancelled during the pandemic.

Photo: Twitter @NazmaAkter73/@IndustriALL_GU 

Make Amazon Pay: Demand a parliamentary inquiry

Amazon’s growing power is a threat to workers’ rights, the environment, taxation, digital rights, fair markets and much more. We need a parliamentary inquiry to look into all the detail, seek out the evidence and draw up proposals to address Amazon’s growing power here in the UK.

Amazon is attempting to control the key infrastructure of the 21st century economy. It wants to dominate online shopping, cloud computing and logistics chains. Behind each of these areas lies big data, which combined with digital surveillance poses a risk to our civil liberties. The Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated Amazon’s growth.

That’s why workers and their union, the GMB, are calling for a parliamentary inquiry. We must stand with them to demand change at Amazon. Please call on your MP to support a parliamentary inquiry.

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Background info

In a nationally representative poll, Survation found that:

  • 79% of the public believe Amazon should do more to listen to the concerns of its workers
  • 69% thought companies like Amazon are too powerful.

October 2020: a powerful US Congress committee called for changes to anti-trust laws that could see tech monopolies broken up.

Early November 2020: the EU launched an investigation into Amazon for abusing its market position. 

Black Friday, November 2020: A global coalition of trade unions, activists and environmentalists took action in over 15 countries to Make Amazon Pay.

Late November 2020: over 400 parliamentarians across 34 countries published an open letter to CEO Jeff Bezos demanding change at Amazon.

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