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Stop secret trade deals!

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Trade deals can affect everything from food standards to climate action to jobs. (Find out what's at stake in a US Trade Deal.) But currently, they are written to privilege corporate power. The Trade Bill now before Parliament provides no role for MPs to have a say.

As the government sets out the UK’s new trade relationships, we need democratic control over these far-reaching deals.

MPs must get an automatic vote and the power to make amendments on all trade deals, and there must be debates on objectives, a role for devolved administrations, impact assessments and transparency throughout.

However, the government continues to insist none of this is needed.

Can you write an email to a member of the House of Lords to defend trade democracy? This tool will randomly select a Peer for you to write to.

More info

More info

We need some basic procedures in place for democratic oversight over trade deals:

  • Before negotiations: Parliament’s consent should be needed on the objectives, including defining things that must not be included, such as public services. We also need mandatory reporting on the compliance of any new deal with the UK’s standards on food safety, health, the environment and animal welfare.
  • During negotiations: Transparency should be the standard at every stage – including publishing the texts agreed so far by both sides after each round of negotiations, and consultation with devolved authorities.
  • At the end of negotiations: Parliament should have a guaranteed vote on all trade deals. MEPs in the European Parliament and members of Congress in the US get a vote – why shouldn’t the UK Parliament?

Can you write a letter calling on the House of Lords to add trade democracy to the Trade Bill?

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