Petition: Say no to a US-UK trade deal

Photo: Andrew Parsons / No 10 Downing Street

Locking in NHS privatisation. Granting tax dodging tech giants even more control over our lives. Chlorinated chicken and climate chaos.

This – and more – is what we face if the government has its way, trading away our rights and protections in a trade deal that favours US corporate interests

Joe Biden’s election victory may mean a new timetable for a US-UK trade deal. However, the threats to our food, data, the environment, health and NHS have not gone away. President-elect Bidens’ recent appointment of Tom Vilsack as Agriculture Secretary, who spent the last four years working for Big Agriculture, indicates that the administration’s approach will be to protect the interests of agri-business, and to see our rights, standards and democracy as barriers to profit.

Sign the petition to say no to a deal that will entrench corporate power over our lives and our future.

The deal as it stands could give tech giants like Google even more power over our lives. Find out more about this threat in our blog post.

Sign the petition

To the international trade secretary

I oppose any US-UK trade deal that lowers our food standards, lowers data protection and control standards, opens the NHS and other public services up to US corporations, or gives more powers to corporate courts. Trade talks must not be carried out in secret, and MPs must have a meaningful vote on future deals.

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