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top the US Trade Deal protest in Parliament Square. A pantomime cow with a business man and a Trump look-alike pretending to inject it with hormones. Photo: Kristian Buus.

Email your MP: Stop the US-UK trade deal!

The UK and USA have all but concluded negotiations on a trade deal that trumps our rights, protections and standards.

The content of the deal on the table between the USA and the UK was negotiated by the Trump administration and our government.

We don’t know exactly what steps President-elect Joe Biden’s administration will take in early 2021. However, his administration is highly unlikely to challenge the strong corporate interests backing this deal.

The threats to our food, data, climate and NHS from a US trade deal have not gone away. President-elect Bidens’ recent appointment of Tom Vilsack as Agriculture Secretary, who spent the last four years working for Big Agriculture, indicates that the administration’s approach will be to protect the interests of agri-business, and to see our rights, standards and democracy as barriers to profit.

Any deal that lowers our food standards, opens our public services up to US corporations, or gives more powers to corporate courts, must be stopped.

Take action now to stop a US-UK trade deal!

Find out more about the US trade deal in our briefing.

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