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McDonald's workers from six south London stores are going on strike on 12 November. They're demanding £15 an hour for all ages, guaranteed hours and a union. Fast food workers around the world will be standing up for their rights at work on the same day in a Global Day of Action. 

"We are here to demand change. We need a New Deal for McDonald's Workers."

The McStrikers will deliver an open letter for party leaders to No. 10 Downing Street demanding a New Deal for McDonald's Workers. They are taking action to demand basic respect at work and an end to poverty pay.

Show them you've got their backs by signing to support a New Deal for McDonald's Workers of £15 and hour, guaranteed hours and a union.

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Letter from The Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union South London Workers Organising Committee.

We are mums, dads. We are daughters and sons. We are Londoners. We are workers. We work hard at McDonald’s.

We are here today with our co-workers, our families and our supporters. We are here to tell you that our lives and the lives of our families are not what they should be whilst we live in one of the richest cities on Earth.

We work for McDonald’s, one of the richest corporations on Earth. Yet we are underpaid. We cannot afford the basic things that you need to survive. Many of us have been homeless. Many of us have gone without food. Many of us work two jobs just to survive.

That's not right. We face poverty and hardship day-in, day-out. We suffer. Our children suffer. 

We say to you: pressure McDonald’s. We say to you: change the law. We need a New Deal for McDonald's Workers:

  1. We need a minimum wage of £15 an hour for all ages

  2. We need to abolish zero-hours contracts 

  3. We need notice of our hours of work at least four weeks in advance

  4. We need the recognition of our union and union access rights 

  5. We need our freedom of speech at work, guaranteed in law  

  6. We deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and not face bullying and sexual harassment.

We are here to demand change. We need a New Deal for McDonald's Workers. We need a New Deal for London workers. We need a New Deal for all workers. 

We will organise with every Londoner who feels how we feel. Now is the time to get organised at work. We are drawing the line right here, right now! 



South London Workers Organising Committee

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