Palestinians have issued a global call for solidarity for 30 March, which is the anniversary of the start of the Great Return March, as well as Land Day.

Both occasions are about land and self-determination, whether that's for refugees demanding to return to the lands from which they were expelled or forced to flee, as is their right under international law; or for those struggling to defend their land against the threat of displacement.

The Palestinian struggle against colonial dispossession continues despite incredible odds, and they need our solidarity now more than ever.

1. Email your MP and ask them to press the government for a military embargo on Israel

The Israeli military has opened fire on the Great Return March week on week, killing hundreds and wounding tens of thousands of people. The UK government is complicit in this violence so long as it continues approving arms exports to Israel. Please write to your MP, asking them to pressure the government to end its complicity.

2. Talk to your friends and family about why Palestinians are protesting

While it’s important to focus on UK complicity in the violence, it’s also important to understand the Palestinian demand for their rights. Here’s an explainer video about the Right of Return that you can use.

The right of return is a core demand of the Palestinian struggle for justice. Please spread the word by sharing this video on Facebook and Twitter, or by sending the link directly.

3. Join War on Want as a member

War on Want depends on the support of people like you so that we can keep running hard-hitting campaigns pressing for justice for Palestinians. Will you join War on Want as a member by making a monthly donation so that we can keep fighting for justice?