Photo: Friends of the Earth Europe/Lode Saidane

Health warnings on cigarette packets. Raising the minimum wage. Protecting the environment from mining.

Just some of the laws big business has challenged under a secretive shadow legal system called ISDS – investor-state dispute settlement.

These corporate courts are written into thousands of trade and investment deals around the world.

They give foreign companies the power to sue for millions over laws that harm their profits. Even the threat of a case is used to bully countries into backing down. We have a chance to stop this. As the UK prepares to sets its own trade policy after Brexit, we are speaking up to say ISDS should have no place in it.

Join the movement to end corporate courts. Take action today.

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Find out more in our introductory briefing, The case against corporate courts. With allies, we’ve also done a set of case files that investigate the impact of particular cases on climate & fracking, food sovereignty & land grab, health and public services.

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