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UNIQLO bowed to pressure and we need to make them do it again!

Tell UNIQLO you stand with garment workers and we can win this again! After thousands of you demanded that UNIQLO release their factory list and be made accountable for workers in their supply chain, they finally published where they make their clothes. Transparency was the first step, but this hasn’t changed the conditions for the garment workers making UNIQLO’s clothes in factories around the world.

Take action and tell UNIQLO you’re watching!

First China, then Cambodia, and now in Indonesia, workers are being exploited while UNIQLO builds profits that make them them one of the biggest fashion brands in the world. UNIQLO must stop leaving a trail of rights abuses wherever they make their clothes.

The Jaba Garmindo factory in Indonesia closed down and around 4,000 people lost their jobs without being paid wages and severance payments. Another smaller clothing brand has contributed to what workers are owed, but UNIQLO refuse to contribute to the outstanding $5.5 million that workers have been robbed of. 

Stand with workers to demand UNIQLO pay up!

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The workers who produced for UNIQLO are now unemployed, unable to support their families and in a desperate situation.

One worker, Rohayati said, ‘If I get my money from UNIQLO, I will send my child back to school and take care of my sick parent, I cannot do this now’.

UNIQLO capitalise on their image as an ‘ethical’ brand that cares about their workers. But what they say and what they do are at odds with each other. UNIQLO are avoiding responsibility and their strategy is to hope that no-one notices.

Workers at Jaba Garmindo say that when UNIQLO arrived at their factory the fashion giant started dictating harsher working conditions. Suddenly the workers were under pressure to meet hourly targets for clothes production, meaning they had to work harder, faster and often for very long hours. Yet, despite their efforts UNIQLO walked away from Jaba Garmindo, the factory closed and the workers were robbed of their wages and severance pay.

Demand that UNIQLO take responsibility for workers in their supply chain and support affected people in Indonesia today. They have shifted position before and we can make them do it again.

Tell UNIQLO to take responsibility for the workers who make them rich

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