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Barclays: Stop Bankrolling Genocide and Apartheid

UK banking giant Barclays has ramped up its bankrolling of companies selling arms to Israel’s occupation and apartheid regime by 55% since 2021 – including tripling its shares in Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest arms company. This is happening despite Israel committing plausible genocide against the Palestinian people.

Barclays invests £2 billion, along with £6.1 billion in loans and underwriting, to nine arms companies supplying weapons, components and military technology to Israel’s apartheid regime. Elbit Systems’ weapons are being used by Israel to bomb Palestinian civilians and civilian infrastructure across the Gaza Strip – this is plausible genocide, as stated by the International Court of Justice – with Israel killing over 34,000 Palestinians, including 14,000 children, and injuring almost 80,000.

While Barclays continues to profit from Israel’s plausible genocide of the Palestinian people, public pressure in recent years encouraged other financial institutions end their complicity in human rights abuses. 

People like you stopped Barclays bankrolling apartheid South Africa. Take action today to end Barclays’ complicity in Israel’s genocide and apartheid regime. 

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