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Stand with Palestinian political prisoners

Israeli police arrest Palestnians in the city of Lod, May, 2021.

4,900 Palestinians are being held by Israel as political prisoners, to silence opposition to its occupation and apartheid regime. All Palestinian prisoners held by Israel are political prisoners — imprisoned because of their identity, beliefs or activities in relation to Israel’s occupation.

Israel’s far-right government has introduced new, legislation designed to increase its repression and human rights abuse of Palestinian political prisoners, including:

  • Reintroducing the death penalty solely for Palestinians

  • Revoking the citizenship of Palestinian citizens of Israel, and revoking the residency of Palestinian residents of Jerusalem – rendering them stateless  

  • Denying health and social welfare benefits to former Palestinian prisoners

  • Denying Palestinian prisoners medical treatment which would improve their quality of life 

Israel’s repressive measures violate international law and entrench Israel’s apartheid regime with its two legal systems – one for Palestinians and one for Jewish Israelis – meaning rights granted to Jewish Israelis are withheld from Palestinians.

Palestinian political prisoners are at the forefront of the abuses perpetrated by Israel’s apartheid regime. Israel has purposefully made prison conditions much worse, as a form of collective punishment designed to destabilise Palestinian prison life and suppress the Palestinian prisoners’ movement organising for justice. Palestinian prisoners have been isolated, denied bread, running water, family visits and phone calls, forcibly transferred en masse, and subjected to violent prison raids by Israel.  

Against this extreme repression, the Palestinian prisoners’ movement continues to organise to demand their rights. We must show our solidarity.

Email your MP to demand that the UK government ensures the basic human rights of Palestinian political prisoners are upheld – and holds Israel to account for its violations of international law. 

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