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URGENT: Stop the deportation of Salah Hammouri 

Palestinian-French human rights defender Salah Hammouri is facing forcible deportation from his home town in Jerusalem, after Israel revoked his Jerusalem residency in gross violation of international law. Salah’s deportation is a war crime. 

Salah, a lawyer with our Palestinian partner Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Organisation, has been repeatedly harassed by Israel for his human rights work. Having been held by Israel under administrative detention without charge or trial since March 2022, following decades of persecution, Salah is now in prison pending deportation, which could happen at any time. Israel has revoked Salah’s right to live in Jerusalem based on the vague and illegal grounds of ‘breach of allegiance’ to Israel – a legal first, marking a chilling new precedent for Palestinians in Jerusalem.  

Israel’s policy of residency revocation is part of its apartheid regime of control.  By revoking Palestinians’ residency permits, Israel is able to forcibly transfer and ethnically cleanse Palestinians from Jerusalem, in order to maintain a demographic Jewish-Israeli majority. Israel has increasingly expanded the criteria for residency revocation in order to expel more Palestinians from Jerusalem. Since 1968, over 14,500 Palestinians in Jerusalem have had their residencies revoked.  

Salah’s arbitrary imprisonment and residency revocation is a dangerous escalation of Israel’s apartheid policies. Israel frequently uses arbitrary arrest and administrative detention to target human rights defenders and to repress and collectively punish the Palestinian people – in gross violation of international law.  

Will you take action to end this injustice? Email the UK Foreign Secretary to demand that the UK government takes urgent action to prevent Salah’s deportation – and holds Israel to account for its violations of international law.  

Email UK Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly

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