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Will You Ask your MP to End Precarious Contracts?

Millions of people now work on precarious contracts. The government’s own review fails to tackle the key issue, that with precarious contracts, employers hold all the power, whilst the workers hold none, unable to claim even the most basic rights at work.  So we must demand MPs act to make the government guarantee basic rights at work for all workers.

Precarious contracts mean workers face the constant threat of losing future work, as well as having to make themselves available with no guarantee of hours, and pay. Employers are given the power to withdraw workers’ livelihoods without accountability. Faced with this imbalance of power, workers are less able to challenge abuse.

Ask your MP to help ensure all workers have:

  1. The same rights at work e.g. Maternity and parental, sick pay and trade union rights.
  2. Guaranteed hours, reasonable notice of shifts and compensation for being on call.

Take action now to demand MPs act to End Precarious Contracts.

More info

Background info

What are Precarious Contracts?  

Precarious contracts are contracts where the worker can’t be certain what work they will get in the future. These can take many forms. They can include: Zero Hour Contracts, Agency Workers, Short Hour Contracts, Fixed Term / Temporary Contracts, and bogus forms of self-employment (sometimes employers call these workers ‘independent contractors’).

What about workers who like flexibility?

When flexibility truly works two-ways it can be a good thing. Our demands ensure that workers get fair compensation for making themselves available for work, effectively being ‘on-call’, and will also ensure that workers can still enjoy the benefits of flexible working, but with more security.

What about technology?

There’s nothing modern about exploitation. These contracts have grown most in traditional sectors like care work, hospitality and teaching. They are about exploitation not responding to technological development. 

Take action

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