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Protect our future – exit the Energy Charter Treaty

It’s the biggest climate threat you might never have heard of. A treaty which means fossil fuel executives can sue us and stop our governments taking climate action by holding them to ransom for billions. Critical decisions on this treaty are being made outside the public gaze – will you email your MP and call on them to protect our future and exit the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT)?

The ECT gives corporations the right to sue countries that make policy decisions which will affect the corporation's profits. Companies can sue for billions, even if those policy decisions are the urgent action we need to tackle climate breakdown. The ECT contains investor state dispute settlement (ISDS), the provision which enables corporations to make these claims against governments in secretive tribunals, outside of national justice systems.

The UK’s membership of the Energy Charter Treaty means UK taxpayers could be forced to pay out billions to fossil fuel companies if this or future governments take action to meet our climate goals.

For years, negotiations over a proposed reform of the Energy Charter Treaty have dragged on, without any real prospect that it can be aligned with our obligations to act on the climate crisis. The “modernised” treaty now on the table would lock in corporate privileges to sue over fossil fuel phase-out throughout and beyond the next critical decade of the energy transition. It’s clear that we need to see the UK leave the Energy Charter Treaty, and leave ISDS in the past, once and for all.

The time for talk is over.

Will you call on your MP to ramp up pressure on the UK government to #ExitECT today?

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