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End the Energy Charter Treaty NOW!

The ECT is an agreement that gives fossil fuel companies the right to sue countries that make policy decisions which may affect company profits — it is the biggest climate threat that millions have never heard of. Companies can sue for billions, even if those policy decisions are necessary and urgent actions to tackle climate breakdown. These lawsuits take place in secretive tribunals, outside of national justice systems.  

Earlier this month, after years of public pressure from supporters like you, the UK government conceded that the ECT “does not support those countries looking to make the transition to cleaner, cheaper energy sources such as renewables – and could even penalise [the UK] for being at the forefront of those efforts.” The Public Advisory Board on Climate Change has echoed your demands, at least ten European countries have already exited or are planning to exit this climate-wrecking treaty, and now the UK government is finally considering leaving the toxic trade deal. This is a big win for our campaign, but we haven’t crossed the line yet. 

It’s time for the UK to stop dragging its feet and start putting people and planet first. Agree? Call on your MP to write to the Energy Minister and ramp up pressure on the UK government to #ExitECT today.

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