Help stop Israel's human rights violations against the Palestinian people

The latest attack against the people of Gaza forms part of Israel’s ongoing policy of collective punishment and deadly force against the Palestinian people.

We need to target the main barrier to peace, which is Israel’s violation of international law and its illegal Occupation of Palestine. As the death toll mounts, we don’t have a moment to lose.

Your donation today will support the Palestinian people in their fight for justice by helping us expose and target more companies complicit in Israel’s illegal Occupation and apply greater pressure on the UK government to Stop Arming Israel.

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£40 could help pay for vital campaigning materials, action cards and posters to pressure the UK government to implement sanctions and to Stop Arming Israel

£80 could help fund the research required to produce reports and raise awareness of the human rights abuses being committed against the Palestinian people, encouraging people of conscience to boycott Israeli goods

£150 could help target campaign actions at UK companies that are profiting from the Occupation of Palestine, calling on them to end their complicity with Israel's human rights abuses

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From every £1 you give us we will spend 79p on overseas projects and hard-hitting campaigns, 19p on fundraising to raise the next £1 and 2p on governance.
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